The Power of “No”

It’s soapbox time! Let’s talk about the power of “no”. Do any of my fellow founders resonate with any of these thoughts? 

There’s power in knowing who you are. Knowing who you are as an entrepreneur and as a company means you’ll know whether a client or project aligns with what you do, your values, your capabilities, etc. 

Knowing who you are means you’ll have to say “no”. That’s powerful.

No, this prospective client doesn’t jive with the types of clients I’d like to have – even if they want to pay me for what I do.

No, this isn’t the kind of assignment I’d be interested in working on.   

No, I won’t compromise on my value. I know what I’m worth.

No, I’m not being mean or selfish in saying no. But I am trying to look out for myself. Otherwise, who else will advocate for me? 

It’s hard to say no, but it’s oftentimes what must be said. I’m learning to say it with a smile and to press forward. Founders, together we will make it. 

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