Stop Pivoting! I’m Dizzy.

One of my greatest challenges as a startup Founder was to narrow down my many talents and interests and to pick a few core services I thought would add value to my clients.

Again, I thought.

In my early conversations at networking events, I would describe myself with 20 different versions of my sales pitch. I would say Greenview specializes in “business process outsourcing services.” That was received with many a dumbfounded stare.

“Oh, you mean you’re a virtual assistant?!” they would say.

I thought, Well, I didn’t want to see it that way, but if that’s how you understand it, then that’s what I am. Now.

So I changed the language I used, and all of a sudden, it’s starting to click. People are starting to get my vision as I lead with “virtual assistant” and “operations management”. Yet, as any founder knows to find something valuable and to place value on it are two different things. I had to pivot.

Pivoting is certainly a good weapon to fight stagnancy in the early stages of a company. People pivot all the time. However, you have to allow room for your new strategy/approach to breathe, to have (or not have) results. Otherwise, if you keep pivoting, you could lose your focus on why your product is of value to potential clients – the reason why you branched out on your own in the first place. Don’t make yourself dizzy – patience and faith are key.

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