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My Social Media Guinea Pig: Elements of a SMM Experiment, Part 1

As a bootstrapping entrepreneur, I serve as Founder, Administrator, Salesperson, and also Social Media Manager for Greenview Consulting, my first startup. That’s my interpretation of lean and mean!

Nevertheless, managing my social media, while not unfamiliar to me, has certainly been one big experiment, some tactics working way better than others. In this post, I want to take you behind the scenes and share some of the tools I’m using, as well as how they’re working. Take note and please add suggestions!


Before I officially launched my social media “campaign”, I took the time to research my competition and see what they were doing around social media engagement. I also took some time to see where my target clients (small, creative and tech startups and agencies) were hanging out social media-wise, too.

I wrote up a Google Doc outlining the following:
– social media marketing objectives
– defining my target audience
– picking social media networks to focus on building community around; based on my research, I settled on focusing my efforts on: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest.
– a list of general topics I would post/update/blog about
– a list of places I’d get content from
– the beginnings of an editorial calendar


I am a bootstrapper, so I decided to use both Buffer and Hootsuite for social media update scheduling – the free versions for each. Once my Buffer queue was “topped off” and would allow me to schedule no more updates, I would turn to Hootsuite to load up the next series of updates.


I made a list of places I’d curate content and created accounts for each: Feedly, Buffer, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Flipboard.


This is where I’ve been a little shaky. For now, I’ve committed that I’m going to try to blog twice a week. Eventually, there’s other free content I want to publish like vlogs, eBooks, white papers, and all that fancy stuff. Wish me luck!

Results (as of April 2015):

– My strategy document was originally specific to just what I was going to do with my social media. Now it has evolved into an overall marketing strategy for Greenview Consulting.

– I found that sharing more of the types/nature of content that my target clients were sharing was more effective at garnering attention than being like my competition.

– Twitter is my baby. Not sure how this stacks up with other folks, but I grew my followers from 0 to 600 in about a month by tweeting 4-6x per day at regular times using Buffer.

– While Hootsuite has been the reliable “Windows” to my scheduling efforts in the past, I ended up biting the bullet and getting a Buffer “Awesome” plan. Not going to lie – it truly is awesome at $10/month.

– Feedly and StumbleUpon were initially my two main sources of content. However, with Buffer’s integration with Feedly, I’m finding it a lot easier to schedule my posts from there. Recently, my husband started a shared magazine on Flipboard and flipping articles into it. This accidentally became a collaboration tool to gather content.

That’s the latest. I will definitely post an update soon to share how my social media guinea pig is doing.

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