After the Winter: 3 Lessons for Budding Entrepreneurs

If you aren’t a New England resident but have kept up with the news, you’ll know that Boston and surrounding areas were hit with one of the worst winter seasons to date. The view of my backyard was not so much green as it was white. Every day.

As they say, you learn something new every day. This winter season taught me a few things:

Be resilient.

Weathering this past winter where it snowed in feet, not in inches, required me to be resilient. When snow storms followed back to back, I had to find times to rest and then get out there in the elements with game face on and shovel in hand. The same applies with starting a small business: Expect challenges, make time to rest in between them, and then get back in the game.

Be persistent.

My husband and I would shovel in shifts every few hours to keep up with the snow-pocalypse(s). Otherwise, we risked being buried alive. Starting your small business requires consistency and persistence: You have to put yourself, your brand, and your product out there – again and again. There’s a lot at risk but lots to gain.

Be open.

After every snow storm, my husband and I would reevaluate our snow removal strategy. At one point, I dug trenches in my yard to make more space for the sky to empty out its never-ending supply of snow. We got snow removal down to a science – without a snow blower. Likewise, starting and running a small business requires one to be open to new possibilities, new ways of doing things, new ways of positioning your brand and product.

How have you weathered the “winters” of your business? Share your thoughts below!

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