Small business owners and their teams juggle multiple responsibilities to keep their businesses afloat. However, taking on too much responsibility can lead to a) limiting the owner’s ability to be a visionary, to produce the big ideas that make his/her business successful, and b) burning out his/her teammates by making them perform duties out of the scope of what they were hired to do. Greenview Consulting exists to relieve teams of general administrative and operational responsibilities - the stuff that keeps the lights on - releasing them to do what they do best.

Greenview Consulting caters to big-picture, big-idea entrepreneurs who need help managing the details, day-to-day tasks, numbers, and technology that impact their business. Our current service offering includes: social media management, project management, bookkeeping, and virtual assistance.

Greenview Consulting provides practical solutions to address the pain points from which multitasking small business owners and their teams suffer. We want to build long-lasting, beneficial relationships with business owners and to have an intimate understanding of their needs. We value integrity and conscientiousness. As such, we strive that our recommendations be relevant, efficient and cost-effective.



We believe honesty is indeed the best policy and want to be a WYSIWYG kind of company. We will tell you the truth about your company (e.g. numbers in black are good, numbers in red are bad), even if it makes you uncomfortable. That’s what true business partners are for.


We are conscientious and care about your business’s well-being and future. We won’t make recommendations unless they make sense for you and how you operate.


We are collaborative team players who want to channel your business’s vision, bringing the same energy and enthusiasm you have for your work in the services we provide.


We are optimists who understand that running a small business isn’t easy and want to be your cheerleader along the way. We are in this thing together!

Our Team


Greenview Consulting has a heart for disadvantaged children around the world. Every time you purchase one of our service packages, a portion of the profits will be donated to non-profit organizations benefiting orphans and children in need.