7 Pretty Sweet Client Appreciation Ideas

As a founder, you are only as successful as the number of clients you can make happy. When times are tough, sales fix everything! It’s incredibly important to show your clients how much they mean to you throughout the year. Especially if you enjoy having them as a client, they’re like your friends except they pay you to do stuff for them. (If only all friends did that!) Here are a few ways you can help your clients feel the love:

Branded Swag

I list this one first because swag is a great way to keep your company name and brand in front of your clients. Instead of something boring, like a pen, give them quality stuff they’ll actually use, like branded lip balm or a travel mug. Swag also creates a conversation opportunity for others to notice your name and inquire about you.

Holiday Gifts

The holidays are a great time to say “thank you” for your client’s loyalty and business over the past year. Send a themed gift basket or Edible Arrangement to their office. Their whole team will be wowed and appreciative of your kindness!

Tip: The holidays are always a busy time, and many companies shut down during this season altogether. Set a reminder to yourself around the end of October to make sure you get your orders in as early as possible to ensure on-time delivery.

Game Tickets 

If your client is an ESPN junkie, get them tickets to see their favorite team play. Extra points for getting them tickets to a playoffs or finals game.

Personal Gifts 

Some of the best, most meaningful gifts are the ones you think of after getting to know your client personally. Listen very closely whenever you shoot the breeze with your client, and jot down notes in your CRM or address book. Have they revealed that they’re coffee aficionados? Get them a gift card to their favorite coffee shop. Have they been working really hard lately? Get them a spa/massage package.

Digital Swag

Check out these digital swag ideas that have been used at SXSW and other events. Whether it’s gifting an original eBook or a song download, the keys are to make your gifts useful and memorable. These gifts will be sure to please any technophile.

Greeting Cards 

If your budget is a bit on the tight side, hopefully you can spare a few bucks to get them a card and send it via Pony Express. Sometimes Hallmark says it best. You can also get branded notecards to mail with a personal, handwritten message from you and your team. Check out Moo’s offering. It’s certainly the thought that counts!


I list this one last because it requires the least effort and expense, making it the least personal. However, it’s still better than giving your clients nothing at all. Create an email campaign through your email marketing service with a “Thank You” or holiday message. Make sure it has your client contact’s name included in the email, even if you are sending it as a blanket email to all of your clients and “tribe” members. Get creative and share a link to a video from your team.

What are some unique ways you show your clients love? Leave your comments below.

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