5 Ways Entrepreneurship is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Today is Patriots Day in Boston, and it’s only fitting that I’d write about marathons and my favorite topic, entrepreneurship. The process of preparing for and running a marathon is much like becoming an entrepreneur:

1. If you’re trying to win, you train for it. You spec out the course, you focus on what you need to do, you build yourself up. 

2. There’s risk involved. No surprise there. You may get injured and worn out along the way, but with no risk, there’s no reward.

3. You have to pace yourself. You may not get first place, but with determination and willpower, you will get to the finish line. 

4. You need courage. It’s not for the faint of heart, no matter how much support you have. 

5. You have to celebrate along the way. Every step, every milestone, no matter how much you need to push your mind and body to the limit, is a true victory. 

Best of luck to marathon runners today, and cheers to my fellow business pioneers! Boston Strong!

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